You’ll reach new fundraising levels throughout your challenge - The more you continue Fred Hollows’ legacy, the more you will be rewarded!

Check out your fundraising levels below, and some of the fantastic rewards you’ll receive along the way!

Fred’s Friend - Raise $125

You restored sight to 5 people, like Blong and Shoua.

You've stepped up to provide a helping hand that makes it possible for children like Blong and Shoua to have their eyesight restored.

You're really helping to make a difference! 

Hollows Hero - Raise $250

You restored sight to 10 people, like Night.

Congrats - By stepping up and continuing Fred's legacy and raising $250, you'll have helped to restore sight to 10 people! 

Sight Superstar - Raise $500

You restored sight to 20 people, like Sally.

You've stepped up, raised $500 individually and helped to change lives around the world - Go YOU!

AND... you're also into the draw to win one of three Aesop Gift Packs!

Legacy Legend - Raise $1000+

You continued Fred’s legacy and restored sight to over 40 people!

Congratulations! As a true Legacy Legend, you've individually raised $1000 and will receive a copy of Fred Hollows’ biography!

You've really stepped up and helped to continue Fred's legacy and helped restore sight to an amazing amount of people!

Please note that Rewards in Fred's Big Run are currently only available for Australian residents.